Stanford Waterworks
Stanford Waterworks
Adjustment Policy Change - Effective April 1, 2020
February 11, 2020


Effective April 1, 2020, the City of Stanford Waterworks will allow** one billing adjustment per year on **a leak that is located underground between the meter and the structure. This is the only location that a leak is eligible for an adjustment. To be eligible for the adjustment, the account must have sewer service. The year will be counted from January 1 of that year to December 31 of that year.

Customer must also provide a copy of the plumber’s bill of statement with proof of location in order for the adjustment to be approved. Any bills that are submitted will not be reimbursed; they are used for proof of leak only.

  • _There will no longer be any adjustments for swimming pools. _
  • No other leaks will be eligible for an adjustment.

Any adjustments will be based on an average of the most recent three months water use for that account. Accounts seeking an adjustment should complete a Request for Adjustment Form within thirty days of the water leak with attached plumber’s bill.

_A reminder: no adjustments will be processed on payment due dates or penalty dates. _


Please call the office at (606) 365-4510 if you have any questions.