Welcome to the Stanford Waterworks App

Mon, Apr 29, 2019

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Thank you for downloading our new app! We hope that this will be....

Thank you for downloading our new app! We hope that this will be an added benefit to our customers. You will receive notifications on your device any time that we send an alert out so please make sure the notifications to this app is on! We believe that this new app will help us connect to our customers and get information out in a new, faster way.

Some examples of the alerts that you may receive may be as follows: boil water advisories for the area, water or sewer construction area alerts, notifications of leaks in the area, hydrant flushing dates and areas, as well as reminders of bill due dates and shut off dates.

You will also notice in the top right hand corner that there is a link to our online bill pay website. This will ensure that our customers pay their bills on the correct website and that we will receive payment within the half hour of our customers posting the payment. Please note that using this service does include a convenience fee of $2.25.

The contact page will provide you with all of our phone and mailing information that you may need, including our physical address, our mailing address, office hours, and the correct phone numbers to reach us.

If you have any additional questions about our new app, please call us at 606-365-4512.


Please note that if you have any questions about your trash, please direct those to City Hall at 606-365-4500.